Your logo and brand identity represents the voice and personality of your business. It reinforces your credibility; helps you build trust and loyalty with your customers. Having a strong brand identity helps you stand out of a crowd.

Your logo is the cornerstone of the corporate visual identity. It is a visual representation of your business purpose, so every other basic element of corporate identity will follow its style and message this includes your website.

Guideline for a start up:

  • Get to know the market you are targeting.

 Start with a competitor analysis. This will help identify your value proposition and understand how to amplify it with your branding. You should get to know your target audience – their age, profession, and interests (this will come in time from Google Analytics and Instagram). The development of a positioning statement for the brand is crucial.

  • Translate your brand message into visual concepts.

Create a logo and chose colours that will best convey your mission statement and appeal to the specific audiences you are targeting. Establishing strong associations through visual elements and colours is a good way to build a memorable and distinctive brand image.