Digital marketing is not just about finding customers online, it is about getting found online by your customers. Here are some ways to increase your digital presence online:

Get more positive reviews

Word of mouth today is trusted more than ever online, as people will trust what even a total stranger has to say about another business. Getting positive reviews is a great way to increase your chances of getting found online. It is very important to monitor positive and negative reviews to show potential customers that you care about their feedback. Your online reputation is everything!

Get listed on Directories.

Today when a person wants to find a product or service there is a very good chance that they will look online. Online directories are the digital version of phone books. If you have no visibility online and your details are nor correct you are limiting the ability for potential customers to fins you online. Make sure your listing is correct and keep consistency across all major directories including Google My Business and Bing local.

 Use Social Media

Social media is an essential way to attract new customers and build your prospective audience. Your audience will spend time on their interests, explore their hobbies and stay in touch with their networks and make everyday decisions. To get found online you need to identify the right social media platform for you to market your business. Start posting regularly and use all relevant hashtags  to your business.

Map Listings

Online Maps, like Google maps, are highly trafficked channel for customers to your business. Getting your business on Google maps doesn’t just give people directions to your location it makes your business easily found online by searching for it.

Video for Small Business

Video Marketing is a highly engaging way of getting your message across that can help grab your customers attention span. Make a video shorter than 30 seconds and draw more attention to your business online.

Images for Visual Marketing

Engaging with people and helping them put a face to your business. Posting them on social media platforms humanizes your brand.

Great business website

Having a great website in todays tech savvy world is a critical component for any online marketing strategy. Once you are set up, you’ll want to make sure that its working as effectively as possible for you.

Business Blogging

Starting and maintaining a business blog is a great way to attract new customers. Having a business blog increases your online presence but strengthens it even more because it improves SEO – which in turn results in greater online visibility. Today, getting found online by potential customers is a huge aspect of owning a business- especially local businesses. Focus on these eight online presence tips and get your business found online!